About the Book

A Walk Through Heaven, Earth, and Hell

Part I
We are now in an ominous tunnel of forces that can sustain or annihilate nations. THROUGH THE EYES OF JOHN: The Annihilation of Nations, A Walk Through Heaven, Earth, and Hell spells out problems facing America and other nations.

Part II
The journey of John also reveals dealing with the spiritual realm, an area that was somewhat void when he set out on his pathway. The author attended religious schools from the elementary grades throughout high school and college. Concentration was in General Studies, Philosophy, and Theology courses, thereby graduating with a B.A. Degree in Philosophy. Higher education studies continued at a non-religious public State University system that allowed the author to graduate with two Master’s Degrees in Education. Thus, the author was drawn from the medical field to that of education.

Author J.M. Joseph Ponders On the Spiritual and Global Realities Through the Journey of John

A 50,000-word exposition of the issues that confront present-day America as well as other nations.

Author J.M. Joseph invites readers to embark on a transformative journey with John in new book, “Through the Eyes of John: The Annihilation of Nations: A Walk Through Heaven, Earth, and Hell.” With the author’s extensive educational background and deep-rooted faith, this compelling work provides unique insights into the challenges faced by nations and the exploration of the spiritual realm.

Though divided into two, Joseph masterfully intertwines geopolitical analysis with the exploration of the spiritual aspects of existence in “Through the Eyes of John.” The author introduces readers to the pressing issues that America and other nations confront in the contemporary world, whilst exploring the spiritual realm.

As an author with a background in philosophy, theology, and education, Joseph offers readers a profound understanding of the influences that can either sustain or annihilate nations. With an engaging narrative and intriguing ideas, “Through the Eyes of John” gives guidance and brings enlightenment for readers seeking a deeper understanding of our global realities.

Providing wisdom for the betterment of humanity and future generations since the author’s first title, “A Steep Climb,” J.M. Joseph offers “Through the Eyes of John: The Annihilation of Nations: A Walk Through Heaven, Earth, & Hell” in print and digital formats, available for purchase on Amazon and other leading online retailers.