If you love an insightful read about the challenges plaguing our world, I highly suggest you read “THROUGH THE EYES OF JOHN: THE ANNIHILATION OF NATIONS.” Exploring John’s journey in the book provided me with a different perspective on the future of our nations all while exposing me into the spiritual realm too.

— Camila

With today’s social climate, I think reading about the pressing issues of our time is already a need. And author J.M. Joseph has written such an interesting book! Having both personal and global narrative, I was left pondering on the fate of our nations with the role of spirituality. I highly recommend it!

— Harvey

As someone with a veteran in the family, “A Steep Climb” hits home. The book presented me with the traumatic struggles of a war veteran to which my forefather may have also experienced one way or another. I appreciate the author for writing this book.

— Lois

With a liking for tales of friendship, and going through a quest for meaning myself, “A Steep Climb” was just the right read for me. Bringing into life the characters of a war veteran and a spiritually-seeking friend, this book is healing for me on a personal note.

— Jane

I have read the two titles of author J.M. Joseph, and I must say, kudos! Both books were thoughtful and informative.

— Axle