About the Book

A Steep Climb
Between Heaven and Hell

This book shares about the deep and dark struggles that a war-torn veteran went through. Little did he know that his childhood friend, who was also struggling, but on the spiritual plane, was also in search of their higher power. How will both be able to help each other while dealing with death?

Author J.M. Joseph Gives a Walk-Through of an Unexpected Journey of Revelation and the Possibility of Extinction

A two-part narrative of the author’s viewpoint of the obliteration of nations and the unexpected revelation found along the way

We are now in an ominous tunnel of forces that can sustain or annihilate nations. THROUGH THE EYES OF JOHN: The Annihilation of Nations: A Walk Through Heaven, Earth, and Hell spells out problems facing America and other nations.

J.M. Joseph attended religious schools f rom the elementary grades throughout high school and college. The author’s concentration was in General Studies, Philosophy, and Theology courses, thereby graduating with a B.A. Degree in Philosophy. Continuing higher education studies in a non-religious Public State University system, Joseph graduated with two master’s degrees in education. Thus, the author was drawn f rom the medical f ield to that of education.

The book is composed of two parts. Part I is the result of that journey which unexpectedly revealed so much to John. It is not meant to remonstrate or expostulate, but to just share the dichotomy of experiences of one person, what he saw, his viewpoint, and those of others. Part II contains the author’s spiritual experiences. This book shares how nations are presently being destroyed by diff erent sources. As John walked along the path towards spiritual guidance, unknowingly, the turmoil and obstacles that he f aced revealed to him later on in lif e what he was being shown, both in the annihilation of nations and the guidance for souls.

This book is an eye-opener. It serves as a warning. It is the author’s personal theory through years of studying and experience that the annihilation of nations can occur due to natural disasters and warf are, but it can also occur f rom within by separating citizens f rom religious faith, f amily structures, and basic values. All of this has been taking place since the 1960s, led by the Freemasons and Marxists who have tried to destroy the Catholic Church f rom within. The author delves into the decaying tie that keeps all nations intact, addressing them and hoping for the survival of the world for f uture generations to move towards peace.

The Reading Glass Books will showcase THROUGH THE EYES OF JOHN: The Annihilation of Nations: A Walk Through Heaven, Earth, and Hell at the London Book Fair, taking place f rom April 18 to 20, 2023, in Olympia, London. J.M. Joseph’s book will be f eatured at The Reading Glass Books, stand number 2A114.

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